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What Have Kallen Media Built for Clients?


We build and optimize Casual Crypto and FarSuperior websites in WordPress and have seen tremendous change in their business’s performances

social media management

Spark Organics, Aria Technology Solutions, and ITRA are companies that we assist with social media creation and content management and increase their social media engagement by 50%

nonprofits services

We utilize Google Ads campaigns to increase traffic for nonprofit companies such as OBOL, Therapeutic Ranch, Tucson Girls Chorus and etc. We have helped them benefit from Google Ad Grant and the growth from the start of our efforts is immerse

What We Do

link building

Link Building

In order to be seen by large search engines like Bing and Google you will want reliable domains referring to your website.


Reputation Management

Your online reputation can be what makes or breaks a potential sale. Online reviews are one of the first indicators potential buyers will see when searching for products or services.

email crm automation

Email / CRM Automation

Automation is what can take your business to the next level. Stop wasting time on menial tasks that you can have your systems take care of for you.

keyword blogs

Keyword Blogs

No matter what your specialty is, we have experience with it! Nathan Kallen used to work in the affiliate marketing industry where he would help individuals write keyword rich blogs from all niches.

social media posting

Social Media Posting

Managing your social media presence is your lifeline to your clients. Interactive with your clients is how you create a brand and persona.

web design

Website Design

Don’t waste your time and money on a large firm that nickel and dimes you for every small change you are looking for. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

website optimization

Website Optimization

There is nothing worse than having a website that may look nice, but has lots of “broken” pieces. Within your website there is an extensive backend that needs to be cleaned up and optimized in order for it to be ranked highly by the search engines.

paid media campaigns

Paid Media Campaigns

Time to start spending money to make money. Once you feel that you have a firm grip on your website and content management, it is time to start advertising. Each social media platform has an advertising tool.

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What Clients Say About Us

Nathan advised me on everything from picking a web hosting vendor to web page design and development. I highly recommend Kallen Media for any web design project.

Roman Hughes CEO

Casual Crypto

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