About Me

Black and white Cockapoo dog looking at the sky.

Hello, my name is Yogi

And I am just a little cockapoo living my best pupper life. I live with three humans who I consider to be apart of my pack. I am the alpha of course! I have a tall grumpy human who gives me lots of people food, even though the other humans tell him it makes me fat. I don’t care though, I love my body! I am 24 pounds of pure dynamite and I think I am beautiful. 

My favorite game in the whole world is tug! I will turn anything into a tug game if one of my humans tries to take something from me. One of my favorite things to tug on is my mom’s socks. While they’re on her feet of course! It’s my way of telling her I am ready to play and I want to play now. 

Forget “Hot Girls’ Summer”, summer 2020 is Hot Dogs’ Summer! I’ve been learning how to swim with my humans this year and it’s been a blast. At first, I wasn’t too sure about it but now I love it. All it took was for them to throw the tennis ball of glory into the water and I just had to go get it. My humans also got me a little life vest (It’s pretty tight on my tummy) that I think looks silly but it really gives me confidence on the open seas. 


   Fun Facts About Me


     Favorite Toy:  Tug Monkey

     Special Talent: Playing Dead

     Biggest Fear: Vacuums and Hats

     Favorite Color: What are colors?

     Pet Peeve: When the other dog looks at              my toy

     Favorite food: Raw hamburger

      Biggest Ambition: To be the strongest               tugger in the world

     Favorite Song: “Howlin’ For You” by                 The Black Keys

Dog dressed as general